The Crossing Sound concert is an event of live electronics, improvisation, composition, and music theatre. The act of crossing signifies the transition between the realms of the past, present, toward the future. It addresses the intercourse between the Occident and Orient, the intervention between the internal and external force, and the transformation of identity, embodiment, and space.  

The performance carries a transgression between certainty and uncertainty, with something invisible and beyond the scene, constantly questioning the meaning of reality. The hacking of instruments transforms the musicality inside and outside, parallels with its body counterpart, this act forms and complements the unforeseen future on varied coordination. 

Simply put 'The Crossing Sound' as a study of sound, music, and theatre - to explore as an extension to deconstruct a semiotic language, either audible and inaudible, internally or externally, to recreate our own on the scene per se. 

1. Amplified Alto and Trombone 
Hywel Jones and Dilara Aydin-Corbett 

2. Piano, Countertenor/ Chinese Lutenist (Zhongruan/Luqin), and Double Bass Trio
Cheng-Ying Chuang, Shih-Yang Lee, and Gus Garside

3. Voice, and Piano+ Trio
Chien-Chun Lin, I-Chin Li

4. Amplified Violin and Toy Objects Duet
Roger Redgate, Emmanual Spinelli

Supported by
Taipei Representative Office in the U.K, and Education Division
Electronic Music Studio
Music Department, Goldsmiths, University of London
Creative Enterprise Organization

Production by Arena di Avant Musica

Date:17 Auguest 2013
Entrance Fee: Donations
Venue:Council Chamber, 
Deptford Town Hall, New Cross Road, 
Lewisham, SE14 6AF