29 November 2013  Together  甜。秘密
Director Chao-jen Hsu | 2012 | Taiwan | 114 min |

Date:29 November 2013
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Do you still remember being a 17-year-old?
Everyone around Xiao Yang, a 17-year-old high school boy, keeps secrets and suffers from heartbreak. His father runs a print shop and meets a girl next door, Li who is about to get married soon. Meantime, his shopkeeper mother gets close to her neighbor tailor, Shian. Yang tries to set up a date for his sister Lang who just got dumped. Also, Yang needs to cover his friend Mao who has a lovers’ quarrel to girlfriend Tian. As the only one who’s alone, Yang quietly witnesses the romances from a distance and secretly reads those love letters he helps deliver…


What attracts me the most is the charm people rarely recognize in everyday life. The uniqueness lies hidden in the details of what we have taken for granted and is easily neglected. However, sometimes, our feelings and emotions will be recalled by certain sudden incidents. I try to capture those moments in this movie – to show the different possibilities in our lives and to glorify the freedom as human beings.

Chao-Jen Hsu, born in 1970, has started working in film industry since 1989 and has been assistant director for many world-acclaimed award-winning directors, such as Edward Yang, Tso-chi Chang, Kang-sheng Lee, Takahisa Zeze and etc.

In 2003, Hsu directed his TV movie debut, In the Air, which won several awards, including Best Director in Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan. Since then, he has made many successful TV series. TOGETHER is Hsu’s first feature debut.   

Hsu is an expert at depicting the subtlety and delicacy of everyday life with a visual style of magic realism.