Taipei Factory is a joined project by the Directors' Fortnight and Taipei Film Commission to focus on the emerging talents, four young Taiwanese directors are paired with their equals from Chile, France, Iran, and South Korea to share their life experience, co-wrote and co-directed four short films in 17 days, based on their impressions and imaginations of Taipei.

A collaborative project consisting four young generation of Taiwan directors, and four young foreign directors from Chile, France, Iran, and South Korea. Without being acquainted previously before meeting each other in Taipei, the eight of them shared their life experiences, and then co- wrote and co-directed four short films based on impressions and imaginations of a city.

28 November 2013   Taipei Factory   台北工廠     
Directors Singing Chen, Jéro Yun, Midi Z, Joana Preiss, Shen Ko-shang, Luis Cifuentes, Chang Jung-chi, Alireza Khatami |   2013 | Taiwan | 72mins

Date:28 November 2013
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Venue:Film House Cinema, 
88 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
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The Pig by Singing Chen and Jéro Yun

Silent Asylum by Midi Z and Joana Preiss

A Nice Travel by Ko-Shang Shen and Luis Cifuentes

Mr. Chang’s New Address by Jung-Chi Chang and Alireza Khatami

The screening will be followed by Q&A with directors Ko-Shang Shen and Jung-Chi Chang  

Spotlight Taiwan 
Taiwan Film Festival 
There have been exciting developments in the Taiwan cinematic landscape in recent years, with more high quality and diverse films being made each year, gaining international attention and recognition. The Taiwan Film Festival provides a unique opportunity to see some of these great examples of contemporary Taiwan cinema on big screen, many of them screening for the first time in the UK. 

Seven award-winning feature films by emerging Taiwanese filmmakers have been handpicked to share with the audience of Edinburgh, each with a unique theme and telling touching modern stories in Taiwan, connected by the common thread of relationship and family to give a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic life of Taiwan. 
We are honoured to have directors and cast from Taiwan to attend audience Q&As at four of the screenings. There will also be an Asian Film Workshop at the University of Edinburgh and a piano recital concert by Yu-Siang Huang, the leading star from Touch of Light’ in the Reid Concert Hall on 29 November, both open to the public. 

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Taiwan Film Festival is part of the 2013-2014 Spotlight Taiwan project, organised by History of Art at the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with Ministry of Culture Taiwan and Filmhouse. A series of events will be hosted throughout the year to celebrate contemporary Taiwanese Art, Culture and Cinema in Scotland.