3 December 2013   Stilt   候鳥來的季節
Directors Yin-chuan Tsai | 2012 | Taiwan | 107 mins |

Date:3 December 2013
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Venue:Film House Cinema, 
88 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
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Award & Festival Selection

Shanghai International Film Festival   
Chennai International Film Festival 
Bangalore International Film Festival 
Pune International Film Festival  
Third Eye Asian Film Festival 
Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival
Taipei Film Festival- competitor
Taipei Golden Horse Film Awards- nominated for the Best Supporting Actor


A bird expert, who watches migratory birds year after year, cannot simply be an observer to his own life.

On the surface, Min is a man who lives a dream life. He has great looks, a job he is passionate about at the Taipei wild bird conservatory and a loving wife. However, the expert of the Black-winged Stilt harbours dark storms within. There is daily growing tension between him and his wife over family planning. He and his brother, who were once in good terms, have been cold-shouldering each other for years. Last is the past he left behind to soar to where he is. All tension is released and mayhem unleashed when a crisis brings him back to his old home Yun-Ling, the town he came from. Meanwhile, oblivious to the life of the man who studies them, the migratory Stilts continue their annual ritual. Hidden with their feathery actions is a message of love waiting for Min and his family to uncover.



Yin-chuan Tsai is a Taiwanese director and scriptwriter on film and TV, and an acclaimed painter and book illustrator. She received a BA in Social Work at National Taiwan University and a MA in Visual Communication at Kent Institute of Art and Design. She received Taiwan Ten Outstanding Young Female Award in 2007 for her achievement in art and media. Her TV works, including Where Are You, 17 and The Taste of Papaya won several prizes and Golden Bell nominations. Stilt is the first movie directed by Tsai, the oil paintings appearing in the film are all her works. This film is highly evaluated by audience and has been invited to many international film festivals. Her latest film in preparation, Packages from Daddy, is recently awarded “Financial Aid for Best Original Screenplay” from Taiwan.

Director’s statement

Moving to Taipei for more than 20 years, I see myself as a migratory bird here, and fly back to my hometown every Chinese New Year. However, I become quiet while going back home, though I am always active in work.

Family, to me, is the most mysterious topic of life.

Many thanks to all the bird experts who have helped us for years. Without them I won’t be able to finish the story. I’d also like to thank all the enterprises, the work partners, the actors and actresses and all the friends who have helped us. Without you the movie will not be possible.

Hope this film would make more people love their own family.