2 December 2013  Go Grandriders   不老騎士
Director Tien-hau Hua | 2012 | Taiwan | 60 min | Documentary
Date:2 December 2013
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Venue:Film House Cinema, 
88 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9BZ


On average they are eighty-one-years-old, but they dream the dreams of an

18-year-old. They will tell you, through a life-long experience, “Miracles do happen as long as you continue to dream!”

Among these 17 “Grandriders,” 2 have battle cancer, 4 need hearing aids, 5 suffer from high blood pressure, and 8 have coronary diseases; and every one of them has symptoms of joint degeneration. Yet, they courageously ride on motorcycles in order to feel the land they have lived on for entire lifetime.

The challenge begins as soon as they straddle across the motorcycles: objections from family members, difficulties in getting a driver’s license at an old age, aging bodies dealing with unpredictable weather and adverse road conditions along the 1178-kilometer journey. The day before they are about to set off, the crew leader suffers from an ulcer and a drop in red blood cell count, how will he lead the “Grandriders” to their aspired destination?

Director’s Statement

I never thought of accomplishing some mission with 17 grandpas and grandmas, as I have rarely spent time with the elderly. But this journey is not so much about visiting different places along a 1,178-long path. It is more like traveling through misplaced times. During our trip, the grandpas spoke of an era full of power and possibilities. It is also through this trip that 17 wonderful life stories are strung together.

During the shooting, the Chinese New Year was drawing near. Every household along the way was busy with house-cleaning and holiday celebration. I saw children visiting senior family members as tradition requires. Their way of communicating, however, is not traditional at all– every kid has some high-tech gadget in their hands. In the same time, Granpa A-tung told me stories of his wife like a chatter box. Granpa A-tsai reached his callus-covered hands to hold mine, with agitation. It turned out that, 60 years ago, Granpa A-tsai used dynamites- and spent his youthful time- to assist the construction of a tunnel that we just passed a few minutes ago.

Winds fly. Time flies. They fly through the new and the old. They fly through the intimate and distant hours between two souls. I wonder how we can remember the smell of the elderly’s time. What should we do to remember things, when we become grandpas, too? …I only have a video camera in my hands.

“Stop shooting! Eat something!” Grandpas said. They put a generous amount of food in my bowl. I am still not sure what I have recorded for them. But I do remember their loving care delivered through food. I munched and munched. And I will always remember their love.

Spotlight Taiwan 
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We are honoured to have directors and cast from Taiwan to attend audience Q&As at four of the screenings. There will also be an Asian Film Workshop at the University of Edinburgh and a piano recital concert by Yu-Siang Huang, the leading star from Touch of Light’ in the Reid Concert Hall on 29 November, both open to the public. 

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