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2013 Exhibitor - 曾乙文 Tseng, Yi-Wen

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Sunday, September 8, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Time Is Up! (2012)

Clock, Metal


Turn-over your clock.

Every hour has sixty minutes,

every minute is passing.

Every day has twenty more hours,

every hour is counting down.

Every month includes around thirty days,

every day is counting down.

One year, twelve months,

every month is counting down.

Did you use your time wisely?

When we get older, we feel the time pass faster. Every hour is like counting down. Have you ever felt that before? The passing time is the unchangeable truth, but we never us...

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2013 Exhibitor - 王禎鈺 Wang, Chen-Yu

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Sunday, September 8, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Meow Meow Wang (2013) 
Neoprene With Personal Drawing, Wool

The graduate collection illustrates Chen- Yu's story, the journey of finding self identity. Each outfit is different stage of her, each felted/ print motif has its symbol behind. They are like hidden languages. Fashion helps her to express her feeling and to tell a story. From a girl who was afraid of making mistake and slowly found herself in these 4 years life studying in London. It’s a sum up of what she has been through a...

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2013 Exhibitor - 李見興 Lee, Chien-Hsing ( Eladio Lee)

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Saturday, September 7, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Rose Laser-Engraving Gift Box (2013)



Gift boxes such as the Moon Festival gift box, New Year gift box, and the Tea and Wine gift box do not get thrown away as waste after use. The wooden gift box is delicately laser

engraved. At the same time, based on environmental principles, the reusable design allows the outer box to be a tissue box while the inner box can be used as a multipurpose container for organizing. It is not only a fashionable home decoration but also a great device...

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FORMOSA SHOW 2013 London Design Exhibition: List of Nominees

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : News 

The annual London based design exhibition, FORMOSA SHOW, organised by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture in association with the UK’s Creative Enterprise Organisation, will open at Candide’s Art Gallery on the eve of the Chinese Mid Autumn festival, 18th September. Twenty four Taiwanese designers, each with their own unique artistic vision and style, will display their best work, bringing the startling innovation of Taiwan’s creative scene to the international stage.  

The 24 designers selec...

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2013 Invited Designer - 吳禮竹 Wu, Li-Chu

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Paper Jewellery-Necklace NPL-01
Paper, sterling silver
4x4x1.7, length: 22"

Mountains- Work VI (2012)
Paper Jewellery- Brooches (4 pieces)
Paper, sterling silver
6.5X7.5X1 /ea

Plants- Work II (2012)
One-off Art Jewellery- Brooch
Paper, sprig, golf leaf, sterling silver, nickel


Paper Jewellery- Ring

Paper, sterling silver

Paper has, without doubt, many varied uses. However, multiple layered paper interests me with its subtle movement and tactile qua...

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2013 Exhibitor - 朱俞如 Zhu, Yu-Ru

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Cheer Up for Taiwan (2013)

playbill output


These posters are designed to send best wishes to Taiwan. We use a traditional Chinese-New-Year paper art work to symbolize our blessing to Taiwan. Topics of the two posters are “Good fortune to Taiwan” and “God bless Taiwan”, respectively. “Good fortune to Taiwan” is designed using a local fruit “pineapple”as its Taiwanese pronunciation is similar to that of “good fortune”. The same concept was used to design the other p...

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2013 Exhibitor - 許雲清 Hsu, Yun-Chin (Dorry Hsu)

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Aesthetic of Fear- bracelet (2013)

3D PRINT SLA, Silver 12x7x6

Aesthetic of Fear-ring (2013)



Aesthetic of Fear-mask (2013)

3D PRINT SLA, Silver


Dorry Hsu's new collection ‘the aesthetic of fears’, is the finalist of International Talent Support with the Swarovski, and Swatch Projects, 2013. In this collection, Dorry well uses the quality of 3D print and color dye the transplant material – SLA. The handmade color dye gives the new energy and dimension of the 3D ...

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2013 Exhibitor - 鄭星慧 Cheng, Hsing Hui

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

The Door (2013) 
Ink. Photoshop.Illustration

Two opening book can be like two doors. The story is about two men who live in their generation , and one day they just take a walk as usual and go back home. However, when
they open the door, they see the decoration is different from their owns . (They change to each other’s)

鄭星 Cheng, Hsing Hui 
Kingston University (2013) 

FORMOSA SHOW 2013 - London Design Festival 
Since 2010,The lar...

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2013 Exhibitor - 趙天麒 Chao, Tien-Chi

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Metal Attacks Wood (2013)
93x36x50 cm

In contemporary society, because of a variety of products in large mechanized manufacturing, that the traditional handwork has gradually disappeared with the generations.
This work attempts to traditional mortise techniques chair to metaphor for a living form. To insert the Mechanize metal chair into the chair surface. The chairs with symbol of life
has begun feel pain and bounce. While the metal legs replaced the original Legs, it means the Mechani...

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2013 Exhibitor - 蔡幸季 Tsai, Hsing-Chi (Jill Tsai)

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, September 5, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

3D Printed Jewellery Insect And Bug Series- Dragonfly (2013)
3D Printed Acrylic Based Polymer

The Dragonfly- It is characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong transparent wings, and an elongated body. This is the first part of series of 3d printed
jewellery design base around nature of insects. 

As an indicator of polluting levels dragonflies are among the first to suffer should the levels of toxins in local streams and water supplies rise. This is often never noticed...

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2013 Exhibitor - 洪若筠 Hung, Jo-Yun (Sharon Hung)

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Saturday, August 31, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

社會認同的符號The Marks of Social Identity(2013)
Pear wood, Glass, Aluminium

What if our social identity is not represented by objects we owe, but by markings on our skin? Tattoo (Tatau) was first used by aboriginal people as marks of pride. Each tattoo symbolises a different achievement and social recognition in the tribe. If this ritual has carried on to our society, how would we hold this ritual, what would it look like and how will it alter our perception of each other? Whic...

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2013 Exhibitor - 張鈺其 Chang, Yu-Chi

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Friday, August 30, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

蘊Eternal life(2013)

925 sliver, resin


My initial inspiration came from the growth pattern of moss – moss plants always grow together, always as a group, and in a humid environment. They interact with each other and are closely linked. Nature is fantastic and full of unique forms, which have their own patterns, structures and qualities.Take the outline of moss as the patterns, the layers of oxidized-silver as the mosses plants which grow together, and the matted surface such as the ...

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2013 Exhibitor - 陳彥安 Chen, Yen-An

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Friday, August 30, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Exhibitors 

Deer Hanger (2013)
wood, ceramics

The  Coat Hanger is evolved from a jumping deer, with the rear legs in its real shape and front legs in the traditional shape of a coat hanger. It symbolizes the evolution of society from being traditional to modern and industrialized in Taiwan. It also reminds us not to forget the past but rather, cherish the resources we have on the earth and love it so that we could keep the environment beautiful and develop it in a sustainable way.


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RCA Battersea London Design Festival 2013 - Mind The Gap

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Monday, August 19, 2013, In : News 

Mind the Gap looks at the challenges facing modern urban transportation hubs and the design strategies used to respond to them. This collaborative project between two groups of design students – RCA Design Products' Platform 17 and the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan – focussed on London’s Marylebone and Tainan train stations. From wayfinding to ticket machines, food stalls to health and safety installations, design has the potential to target areas of specific public n...
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An Artistic British Summer Feast - London Design Festival and International Festival

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Friday, August 9, 2013, In : News 

I hear my self / Yosifu

Taiwanese Designers are ready to bring more colours and lights into this world by their endless creativity. Being under the spotlight, Taiwanese brands and designers start to fill up the columns of the newspaper, their design works are expected to become more noticeable, as Taiwanese young blood energises the well-rounded creative country, the UK.

2013 Edinburgh International Festival, EIF, one of the most significant annual celebration in art and design, brings together...

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2013 Supporter - The London Design Festival

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, July 25, 2013, In : FORMOSA SHOW 2013 Supporters 

The London Design Festival was conceived by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans. Building on London's existing design activity, their concept was to create an annual event that would promote the city's creativity, drawing in the country's greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to a deliver an unmissable celebration of design.

First staged in 2003, the London Design Festival is one of the world's most important annual design events. The Festival programme is made up of over 300 ev...
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2013 Bring Art Go Exhibition

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Saturday, July 20, 2013, In : News 

Following its successful London Pop-Up Exhibition in 2012, this year CAMPOBAG's "Bring Art Go" has teamed up with Second Floor Studios & Arts, located near the Thames Barrier in Greenwich for its 2013 world tour. The collaboration brings Taiwanese designers together with artists from England, Spain, Italy, and Hong Kong to explore the topic of "Sharing the Love," accomplishing this by a joint exhibition at London's No Format Gallery from July 15 to 21.
This project will also feature designers...

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