The annual London based design exhibition, FORMOSA SHOW, organised by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture in association with the UK’s Creative Enterprise Organisation, will open at Candide’s Art Gallery on the eve of the Chinese Mid Autumn festival, 18th September. Twenty four Taiwanese designers, each with their own unique artistic vision and style, will display their best work, bringing the startling innovation of Taiwan’s creative scene to the international stage.  

The 24 designers selected for this year’s exhibition are: 
簡靖芳 Chien Ching-Fang
陳彥安 Chen, Yen-An
洪若筠 Hung, Jo-Yun
顏寧志 Andy Yen
李見興 Eladio Lee
鄭星慧 Cheng, Hsing-Hui
吳慈瑛 Wu, Tzu-Ying
朱俞如 Zhu, Yu-Ru
王禎鈺 Wang, Chen-Yu
蔡幸季 Tsai, Hsing-Chi
蘇建任 Su Chien-Jen
曾雅培 Tseng, Ya-Pei
張鈺其 Chang, Yu-Chi
李昀真 Lee, Yun-Chen
許雲清 Hsu, Yun-Chin
陳以秀 Chen, Yi-Hsai
鄧元鼎 Teng, Yuan-Ting
邱瀚生 Chiu, Han-Sheng
李孟書 Li, Meng-Shu
趙天麒 Chao, Tien-Chi
張倚奇 Chang, Yi-Chi
曾乙文 Tseng, Yi-Wen
蔡宜蓁 Tsai, Yi-Chen

The diverse range of work on display by these nominees will stretch across the fields of fashion design, jewellery and accessories, spatial design, print media illustration, and furniture, providing a kaleidoscopic view of Taiwan’s creative vitality.

Taiwan’s creative industries have developed to harbour a diversity and maturity of professional design that, while preserving aspects of Chinese cultural heritage, also displays the vigour of modernity and a pioneering avant-garde spirit. In recent years Taiwanese culture has edged further onto the international stage, revealing not only the wealth of the country’s creative production, but also displaying the depth and versatility of its cultural foundations. The FORMOSA SHOW, which is now entering its fourth consecutive year, brings together the cream of Taiwan’s design community, for the benefit of London based design enthusiasts and professionals. 

The exhibition will be open to industry professionals on the 18th and open to the general public from the 19th to the 22nd. Entry is free of charge. This year’s exhibition is the first to enjoy the generous support of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, which endeavours to promote Taiwanese culture in the UK. 

For further details please visit the FORMOSA SHOW’s official website: