Led by two prize-winning Taiwanese musicians, Cheng-Ying Chuang (countertenor / Chinese lutenist on liuqin and zhongruan) and Ya-Ting Wang (percussionist). Musitonik Ensemble is devoted to exploring musical genres and building their contemporary dialogues. Together with acclaimed sitarist (Indian plucked-string) Ryohei Kanemitsu and erhu (Chinese fiddle) player Tanghsuan Lo, Wandering Voices II soars from ancient Chinese melodies, Indian ragas, European baroque / classical music into the contemporary. Four adventurous soloists immerse themselves with each other’s traditions to share a mesmerising journey through time and space.

Date : 20-26 August
Time: 19:30
Duration: 2 hours
Suitability    : U
Warnings    : Playing at St Andrew's & St George's West on 22-23 August.
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Canongate Kirk
Canongate, Royal Mile, EH8 8BN