Mr. R, is a process of transformation. Subjects belong to me, in the presence of different stages, reveal the faces of each instants. They record these completed moments, in the gesture of memories, even though they are purely part of my developmental stages. Time had elapsed, the present me has belonged to the past. This is the state of my existence in the fluidic time.
About Body Expression Dance Theatre 
Returning from studies at New York modern dance graduate programs in 1999, Taipei-based choreographer Lee Ming- Cheng launched his own troupe, Body Expression Dance Theater (BodyEDT) in 2000. His highly lyrical theme and aesthetic concerns on contemporary urban consciousness won a lot praises since his new troupe was established. National and international invited and commissioned performances by his company. Since 2003, Lee and his BodyEDT focused on two aspects, one on revisiting oriental brief systems, and another on Taiwanese poetry; one is a long journal toward philosophical understanding of identification, while the other taking a practical phonology strategy. In 2004, Lee premiered his choreography City- Number, as the first inquiry of contemporary consciousness with ancient virtue. His hyper modernistic attitude has just begun. Underneath such city series, BodyEDT wishes to express how suffering and determination guides us through an Eastern interpretation of cybernetic reality.Based on the desire for creating, Lee Ming-Cheng pays whole his passion and endless art dream into dance. His creations usually comprise of visual, aesthetic, new fashion and traditional aspects. His unique body language is particular attractive. Under the training of western and eastern dance, his dance and body language create a new type. Lee devotes himself into finding a new life of Taiwanese Opera, including its traditional costumes, accessories, properties, music and stories. Eastern visual image is the first sight in his dance. The contemporary concerns are combined in it, too. His dance is not really traditional, but becomes a new mixed form. It just presents the culture, which he grows up and is affected by. Putting the aesthetic of traditional arts into the creations forms his unique style. In fact, he would like to make dance present multi aspects in all kind of culture, too.

Date : 19-24 August
Time: 10:30
Duration: 40 minutes
Suitability : U
Country of Origin: Taiwan
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall
Nicolson Street,Edinburgh, EH8 9DW