Creative Talk @ FORMOSA SHOW 2013 :: London Design Festival

Position of Taiwan Design of Asia into Global  Market?

FORMOSA SHOW SHOW 2013 is honoured to invite three Taiwanese designers 周育潤Chou, Yu-Jui (Kevin) / 曾熙凱 Tseng, Shi-Kai /陳函谿 Chen, Han-Hsi  to give talks about their design concepts and to share their experiences of entering the global market, from the perspective of both Taiwan and the UK.

Date:Friday 20st September 2013


Admission Free Donations Welcome


Candid Arts Trust Gallery

3 Torrens Street , Islington, London EC1V 1NQ, UK

Speaker : 周育潤Chou, Yu-Jui (Kevin) (b. 1974) graduated in 2002 from the Cranbrook Academy of Art (USA). After six years as senior designer at Philips Design, he started his own studio, KEV Design, works vary from communications products to furniture. Chou has been recognized with various international design awards and is a lecturer at Shih Chien University since 2004. He collaborates often with IT industry and craft artisans, and specializes in finding intelligent solutions for the design.

KEV Design Studio creates a new lifestyle which fulfills our imagination and needs in the digital era.

Speaker : 曾熙凱 Tseng, Shi-Kai is more of a maker and design-artist, where he focus on culture, material and process, as he believe the culture generates the meaning and value of all the physical objects, and the objects are made of the combinations of materials and process. His works were shown by galleries and exhibition in London, Paris, Stockholm, Eindhoven, Milan and other cities. He was invited to participate In Recidence - Design Dialogue, which had been considered as one of the most important and influnced workshop in italy. ShiKai also had been featured in the one of the most influenced international design media - Frame magazine, with a personal interview in March/April 2013.

Speaker : 陳函谿 Chen, Han-Hsi  spent two years on the design brand Logical Art, which he co-founded in 2010. The process includes branding, design, production up to sales and promotion, which gives him a very solid background of production and strong sense of the market. The works are sold in major design shops around the globe, including Harrods, London Design Museum, Colette, Centre Pompidou, Printemps  etc.

Poetic Lab is a London-based joint studio founded by designer HanHsi Chen and Shikai Tseng after they met and graduated from Royal College of Art in London. The duo shares a central design philosophy of the studio - poetry of objects and materials, while they acquired very diversed experiences before they decided to work together, which enables them to shape an object from multiple perspectives.

The duo teamed up for an joint exhibition in SaloneSatellite 2013 called Beyond Object, where they showcasing a collection of objects composed by light and shadows. The results were better than expected, they claimed winner of the design report award, and third prize of Salone Satellite Award, both with the project Glass Ripple. The success soon led to an dedicated decision of a permanent joint  studio - Poetic Lab.