I hear my self / Yosifu

Taiwanese Designers are ready to bring more colours and lights into this world by their endless creativity. Being under the spotlight, Taiwanese brands and designers start to fill up the columns of the newspaper, their design works are expected to become more noticeable, as Taiwanese young blood energises the well-rounded creative country, the UK.

2013 Edinburgh International Festival, EIF, one of the most significant annual celebration in art and design, brings together the most prominent opera, music, theatre and dance during three weeks for the audiences all over the world. Obtaining the applause from The Sunday Times , the EIF is said to served as a 'breeding ground for the best performances. 

The inspiration for Festival 2013 came from the exploration of the relationship between artists and their contemporary innovations, and technologies. Taiwanese 'Contemporary Legend Theatre', has received the invitation and participated in EIF for the second time.

The Art Director of the theatre, Mr. Wu Hsing-Guo's latest piece 'Metamorphosis' will be presented its world premiere on 10th of August as the inauguration performance. Moreover, Taiwanese aboriginal artist Yosifu, having been the exhibitor of the first EIF, is invited to the festival again this year. Yosifu applies versatile and vibrant colours in his artworks, aims to build an aura of Taiwanese aboriginal passion and tropical beauty.

The EIF is followed up by the annual London Design Festival. As part of 2013 LDF, the Taiwanese Formosa Show received full support from Taiwanese Ministry of Culture. Organised by Creative Enterprise Organization, it aims to showcase and bridge the talented and aspiring designers from Taiwan to the world from 19th to 22nd of September during LDF. This year, the LDF Formosa Show (www.formosashow.co.uk/apply) is appealing the Taiwanese designers who are keen on pursuing a chance to be seen by the world to join it. The application is due on the 15th of August.