Paper Jewellery-Necklace NPL-01
Paper, sterling silver
4x4x1.7, length: 22"

Mountains- Work VI (2012)
Paper Jewellery- Brooches (4 pieces)
Paper, sterling silver
6.5X7.5X1 /ea

Plants- Work II (2012)
One-off Art Jewellery- Brooch
Paper, sprig, golf leaf, sterling silver, nickel


Paper Jewellery- Ring

Paper, sterling silver

Paper has, without doubt, many varied uses. However, multiple layered paper interests me with its subtle movement and tactile qualities. I aim to recreate the link between the material and its original source in the natural environment. Pure and organic elements reveal a delicate and subtle visual language. The pieces function both as wearable pieces of body adornment and as sculptural objects off the body. The soft and subdued tones of colour that I choose give a quiet, calm and contemplative quality to the pieces.

Time is an essential element through the making progress; time, nature and I form my work, meticulous working processes enable me to develop a range of elements, which create the compositions.

吳禮竹Wu, Li-Chu

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Li-Chu is a Taiwanese designer jeweller based in the UK.

She specialises in one-off bespoke intricate pieces worked in paper and silver. Li-Chu’s work is all about materials and layers; using multiple layers to create subtle movement and tactile qualities. Applying a mix of metalsmithing techniques and new technologies, Li-Chu’s designs consist of a series of paper, silver, one-off, wearable pieces and body adornments. Natural forms, processes and movement inspire her to make a collection of paper jewellery. 

She explores the material with the relationship between nature, time and herself. She exhibits worldwide including Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Taiwan, China and the United Kingdom. 

FORMOSA SHOW 2013 - London Design Festival 

Since 2010,The largest annual art and design event in London that aspires to promote the talented emerging designers with brilliant design and unique pieces of work originally from Taiwan , presents to you the best of the best, please come join us at this fabulous feast of Taiwan design from Asia

Show Dates: 
Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd September 2013
Opening Reception:
19th Thursday : 18:00pm - 21:00pm (Public, Family, Friends)
*RSVP Online Registration

Open Daily:
19th Thursday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
20th Friday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
21st Saturday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
22nd Sunday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public) 
*Admission Free 

3 Torrens Street , Islington, London EC1V 1NQ, UK