FuFann Enterprise was established in 1989 and is located in southern Taiwan.We mainly produce sweet paste and spread for bread and toast.Coconut paste is one of our best sell flavor.Besides, we have several popular flavors such as chocolate, peanut and milk.FuFann is one of the leading brand of paste manufacture in Taiwan.We see ourselves as not only a qualified manufacture but also professional and we have a dream to bring this simple taste to share the greatest happiness with people all over the world.

‧Put in a dry and cool place to maintain its maximum taste. 
‧Keep the jar tightly closed after consumption
‧Away from excessive heat to avoid accelerating loss of fresh flavor 
    and causing the oil found in paste and spread to separate.  
‧Unnecessary to refrigerate otherwise, it will become harder and 
    difficult to spread.

First, spread on toast or bread, and then put into the oven (toast oven), bake it at 180℃ about 2~3 minutes. More tasty.

Ingredients:Desiccated Coconut、Canola Oil、Milk Powder、Sugar、Lactose、 Palm Oil、Soybean Lecithin、Natural 、Spice、β-carotene