Scent Balland - Harmony (2012)

Multi-materials, Printed Acetate, Felt, Essential Oil

50x50 1/ea

Open your eyes. Darkness flees from the dawn. The shadows cling to your surroundings; half-forgotten dreams. Breathe deeply. A fragrance hangs in the air, touching the darkness with colour. Everything is like stained glass. Life cannot be cast into shadow, only tinted by those passing by.

Harmony attempts to capture the sense of smell as a series of visualisations. The core concepts of these pieces are a combination of the Chinese Five Elements and Gabriel Mojay’s ideas on aromatherapy and psychology. Essential oils were the foundation of these pieces, upon which a framework was constructed of signs, symbolism and colour psychology to explore images of harmony within Eastern traditions. Stained glass has also influenced the project, especially the way in which Church windows fill the space with their symbols and a range of colours.

Take a breath. A twist of orange fills your nose; two magpies fly joyous through tranquil clouds. Then, a hint of sugar and spice: frankincense and ylang ylang. Their balance settles the mind and draws you to Mother Earth. Lastly, let the strong tones of frankincense and geranium release you from life’s daily trials to embrace the world, as the wise salmon embraces both sky and sea.

This project aims to weave smell and sight, to draw together sensation and psychology. The creation of these pieces unwound stories within myself. Hopefully, they will do the same for you: for each of us, our own story is paramount. Stand back, take a deep breath and let your own story unwind.

吳慈瑛 Wu, Tzu-Ying  
Loughborough University - MA Art and Design(2012)


“The snail, burdened with its heavy shell; little by little climbs the tree.” I am Tzu-Ying Wu, born in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. I graduated with an MA in Art and Design from Loughborough University in 2012. My inspiration joins the dots between books, music and my observations of daily life. I believe the value of a work of art lies not only in its visual representation. It is important to tie the visuals to culture, psychology, philosophy or literature to develop its inner value. My goal in art and design is to approach the infinite possibilities available within a limited creative space, allowing the audience to connect with the image and tell their own stories. The snail is my archetypal image: I set forth on my journey with persistence and determination. Like the snail I will keep slowly climbing, reaching for my dream.

FORMOSA SHOW 2013 - London Design Festival 
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