Rose Laser-Engraving Gift Box (2013)



Gift boxes such as the Moon Festival gift box, New Year gift box, and the Tea and Wine gift box do not get thrown away as waste after use. The wooden gift box is delicately laser

engraved. At the same time, based on environmental principles, the reusable design allows the outer box to be a tissue box while the inner box can be used as a multipurpose container for organizing. It is not only a fashionable home decoration but also a great device for daily life. The gift box is truly a resource conserving

Bamboo Blinds Gift Box (2011)

Bamboo, Wooden


Combining culture with creativity, packaging becomes a crystallization of art and intelligence. We combine modern simplicity with an Eastern element, bamboo. It seeks the balance between Zen and fashion and provides a unique, modern, vibrant Eastern

李見興 Lee, Chien-Hsing ( Eladio Lee) 
National Kaohsiung Normal University 

Our specialty is corporate image planning and sophisticated packaging design. With years of experience in cultural creativity, we assist corporations by enhancing their overall image and future. We also put effort in developing multi-functional gift boxes which no longer turn into waste after one use, but become a practical and collectible luxury for life.

FORMOSA SHOW 2013 - London Design Festival 
Since 2010,The largest annual art and design event in London that aspires to promote the talented emerging designers with brilliant design and unique pieces of work originally from Taiwan , presents to you the best of the best, please come join us at this fabulous feast of Taiwan design from Asia

Show Dates: 
Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd September 2013
Opening Reception:
19th Thursday : 18:00pm - 21:00pm (Public, Family, Friends)
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Open Daily:
19th Thursday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
20th Friday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
21st Saturday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
22nd Sunday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public) 
*Admission Free 

3 Torrens Street , Islington, London EC1V 1NQ, UK