3D Printed Jewellery Insect And Bug Series- Dragonfly (2013)
3D Printed Acrylic Based Polymer

The Dragonfly- It is characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong transparent wings, and an elongated body. This is the first part of series of 3d printed
jewellery design base around nature of insects. 

As an indicator of polluting levels dragonflies are among the first to suffer should the levels of toxins in local streams and water supplies rise. This is often never noticed and rarely discussed in social circles. As an attempt to bring some of these pressing points to light I have designed a series jewellery designs that are based on insects that are often affected. As opposed to deconstructing these creatures into abstract forms my art aims to do the absolute opposite by trying to recreate them as realistically as possible, often with responses of fear or disbelief. These creatures should not be recreated as abstractions of themselves but should be celebrated in their true form.www.jillscappatea.co.uk

Recycling Art Series Four - Ravioli (2013)
Recycled Fabric and Textiles
65x125 / 55x5 / 35x97

I’ve reused these unwanted objects to create something visually fun and interesting to remind everyone to cherish the materials we have before throwing them away. Stop this old school throwaway mindset we can try turning the old into new. Let’s create somethinglets start Recycling Art. 
This piece has been created from a range of recycled architectural materials and is a representation of the greed humanity and our ever evolving urges to obtain more, regardless of its effects on resources. The continuous need to obtain new things in our throwaway culture absorbs the finite resources we have and is having a detrimental effect on our environment. Representative of this, the ravioli art pieces is a statement that remind us of the ultimate sacrifice that may eventually be in scarce supply, food.www.jillscappatea.co.uk

蔡幸季 Tsai, Hsing-Chi (Jill Tsai) 

University of Greenwich (2013)


FORMOSA SHOW 2013 - London Design Festival 
Since 2010,The largest annual art and design event in London that aspires to promote the talented emerging designers with brilliant design and unique pieces of work originally from Taiwan , presents to you the best of the best, please come join us at this fabulous feast of Taiwan design from Asia

Show Dates: 
Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd September 2013
Opening Reception:
19th Thursday : 18:00pm - 21:00pm (Public, Family, Friends)
*RSVP Online Registration

Open Daily:
19th Thursday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
20th Friday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
21st Saturday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public)
22nd Sunday : 10:00am- 21:00pm (Public) 
*Admission Free 

3 Torrens Street , Islington, London EC1V 1NQ, UK