Aesthetic of Fear- bracelet (2013)

3D PRINT SLA, Silver 12x7x6

Aesthetic of Fear-ring (2013)



Aesthetic of Fear-mask (2013)

3D PRINT SLA, Silver


Dorry Hsu's new collection ‘the aesthetic of fears’, is the finalist of International Talent Support with the Swarovski, and Swatch Projects, 2013. In this collection, Dorry well uses the quality of 3D print and color dye the transplant material – SLA. The handmade color dye gives the new energy and dimension of the 3D print objects. Dorry challenges the possibilities of complexity forms and colors in 3D print SLA. She recreates the objects of reflecting self fears with the bugs of many legs. She said “ my collection is about the aesthetic and the attraction of fears. I am interesting about the concept of masks. In many cultures, people wear mask to scare evil away, so the mask are decorated with the frightening images from the wearer’s fears.” In this series of work, Dorry keeps the print out pixel as a material texture to represent the quality of 3D print. Furthermore, using the color dye latex to match the SLA material quality and improve the comfortable of wearing. The 3D print object can fit on the body curve comfortably.

許雲清  Hsu, Yun-Chin (Dorry Hsu)
Royal College of Art (2012)


Yun Chin Hsu (Dorry) is now studying an MA in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery from the Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom. Dorry Hsu was trained as a conceptual photographer in her BA from Canada, Emily Carr Art & Design University. She brings her conceptual thinking of photography into the jewellery object. As a maker, Dorry creates the sign and symbol on the human body, and uses photographic image to tell her stories. The human body becomes the canvas of her inspirations starting and displaying.

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