Thank you very much for your support and encouragement for FORMOSA SHOW. We sincerely appreciate all of your

 feedback. As there are also some questions raised, FORMOSA SHOW would hereby clarify some doubts. 

The Naming of FORMOSA SHOW:

"Taiwan is an island situated in the Pacific Ocean. Its mere 3.6 square kilometers' soil would sometimes seem to vanish

 in the vastness of the world. Yet, small as it is, it has a population of over 23 million people, a metro system that is one 

of the quickest and cleanest ones in the world, a 101 that was once world's tallest building, a full range of Asian delicacies 

and a traditional culture that is boisterous and joyous. Taiwan is small, yes, but vigorous too. She made the Portuguese 

sailors cried out: Ihla Formosa (a beautiful island). Since then, the island has been marked and known as Formosa."


FORMOSA SHOW is about showcasing the soul and spirit of Taiwan/Formosa. Through exhibiting Taiwanese art and 

design works in the international environment of London, we aspire to create a stage for Taiwan's creative industry so

 that the world can behold and marvel. 

Using the wholehearted praise of Portuguese sailors as the name of the organisation is our way to avoid arguments over 

Taiwan/ROC. Putting politics aside, FORMOSA SHOW is purely a platform to showcase the contemporary art and design 

scene of this small but vigorous island, to provide emerging Taiwanese artists and designers with the opportunities to 

interact with the international markets, and to create chances for them to voice their viewpoints.


First of all, application per se is free of charge. Only selected and confirmed applicants will need to pay an exhibition fee 

of £50. Vendors at the Creative Market will also be charged according to the size of their stalls. Both fees will be used 

towards venue hire and promotion of the event. 

FORMOSA SHOW is a non-profit organisation composed of professionals across different fields in the cultural and 

creative industry. All remaining surplus will be spent on the sustainable development of the organisation and enlarging 

it services.

FORMOSA SHOW is grateful to all of those who raised the above questions. We sincerely take your feedback into 

consideration, and strive to improve accordingly. Should you have other doubts or suggestions, please don't hesitate

 to contact us. Thank you again for your kind support.