Ziah-De @ FORMOSA SHOW 100 Showcasing Taiwan's Commercial Design

Ziah-De @ Formosa Show 100 not only showcases emerging designers from Taiwan, but also proudly presents commercial products of Taiwanese designers that have already gained recognision in the market. Exciting brands such as C+ Culture, FlexibleLove, haoshi Design,
 JumpFromPaper, Kellykiwi, KOAN+, Navitas, Noodoll, Wow Taiwan and Renata Muo can all be found in the commercial space section. Designed as a space for individuals to drink tea and 
rest, the commercial space highlights the connection between the commercial products, and the quality of life and individuality.

Products in the commercial space ranges from stationery, accessory to furniture. C+ Culture is a platform aiming to help young designers and artists to turn ideas into business. Haoshi Design produces products that remind people of the good things in life. FlexibleLove is a series of honeycomb-structured seating made of eco-friendly materials that can be extended or contracted as desired. JumpFromPaper is a bag brand with a strong sense of individuality.
There are also three character-based brands. KellyKiwi and her Carroter, a carrot with a pair of rabbit ears, tell the fun of and the differences between lives in Taiwan and the UK. Noodoll, created by YiYing Wang, brings positive energies into users lives. Renata Muo, a round-faced cow character created by freelance illustrator Ying-Ping CHIEN, shares the dreams and life of a young girl.

Navitas, on the other hand, best exemplifies the high quality of LED lights made in Taiwan, and KOAN+ reflects the inseparable connection between man and arts. There is also Wow Taiwan who turns the diversified beauty of Taiwan into badges and postcards.

Full of original ideas and commercial surprises, Ziah-De @ Formosa Show 100 will be held from the 21st to the 25th of September at Candid Arts Gallery as part of the 2011 London Design Festival. It aims to be a relaxing occasion for visitors to converse with the designers personally or through their works. Do drop by for a cup of tea, and wonder leisurely among design works and products of Taiwan.