Industrial Design         
1. Po-Chih Lai           
2. Hsiang Wang   
3. Jung-Chun Kuo       
4. Li-Hsin Liang           
Graphic Design & Commercial Illustration 
5. Angie Wu           
6. Hsin-I Lo           
7. Ke-Lun Hong   
8. Jill-Hc Tsai       
9. Chih-Wei Chiu   
10. Shih-Bo Chiu       
11. Li-Han Hua       
12. Keng-Min Liao       
13. Ching-Tien Lin           
Spatial Design 
Fashion Design & Textile Design 
15. Hao-Ni Tsai   
16. Apu Jan       
17. Ying-Ching Chen   
18. Chia-Shan Lee   
Accessory Design 
19. Li-Chu Wu           
20. Yu-Ping Lin   
21. Hsiao-Shan Tung   

A big thank you to all applicants for your patience, and congratulations to the above designers for your successful application. Your are now officially part of FORMOSA SHOW 100, held at Candid Arts Gallery, London.

FORMOSA SHOW would keep close contact with the selected designers and we need you to provide all information needed for us to showcase your work(s) to the best. For those who are not successful this time, we appreciate your time and effort, and hope that you'll continue to support us in future FS events.