Our Business Concept

SINGTEX® is among the most prominent fabric manufacturers in Taiwan . Even since its founding , SINGTEX® has been run by a team of reliable professionals who love the fabric business , pursue the goal of excellence ,and meet any challenge .We are engaged in continuous research and development in the area of new fashion , functional and environment-friendly fabrics .We are proud of our high standards in customer relations and the world-class quality of our products . Our business is built upon the idea of contributing to a more comfortable and healthy future for humanity.

Quality and Testing

SINGTEX® fabrics absolute quality guarantee is largely based on our world standard quality control system and professional lab testing .
We have a standardized technological process and fully automated production equipment , so our company has been certified as meeting the ISO 9002 international standard .
Furthermore, our research programs, such as the investigation (carried out in partnership with Governmental Texile Research Center) of the actual wearing behavior of SINGTEX® special fabrics, also pursues the goal of the achievement of the highest level of quality and ensures the best performance in use.