S.Cafe® joins ‘Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA Exhibition

Use the award winning material, S.Cafe® yarn, the clothing designed by the ‘Wear This Fashion’ team is on display at the ‘Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA’ exhibition on 9th – 13th June 2010, Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London, amongst a rich variety of Taiwanese arts and design.

SINGTEX Industrial Co. is one of the sponsors to the ‘Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA’ exhibition. The company is among the most prominent fabric manufacturers in Taiwan and world-renowned for producing functional fabrics. It has developed a new eco-friendly product that uses fibers made from used coffee grounds, called S.Cafe®. For this innovative fabric, SINGTEX has received the Taiwan Excellence Award.

Coffee bean is the second most traded commodity in the world. Globally, we consume around 20 billion cups of coffee each day and produces 3 thousands kg of used ground coffee in Taiwan. With increasing focus on global warming and green issues, the ability to recycle and re-use resources is high on the global agenda.

SINGTEX has patented a process to transform coffee grounds into S.Cafe® yarn through a temperature of 160oC for carbonization, which is energy efficient in comparison to 600oC for normal yarn. And, one medium sized cup of coffee grounds is capable of producing 2 T-shirts. The S.Cafe® fabric has unique qualities like they dry quickly, control odors and offers UV protection. Today, S.Cafe® is a common product in the fashion design and home decoration industry, with global brands such as New Balance and Starbucks working in partnership with SINGTEX.