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1. 陳柏翰 Pao-Han Chen
2. 許雁婷 Yen-Ting Hsu
3. 蔡叡玫 Rosy Tsai
4. 葉偉榮 Kenyon Yeh
5. 古又文 Yu Wen Ku
6. 吳沛蓁 Pei-Chen Wu (Grace)
7. 范巧鈴 Fan chiao ling
8. 洪茜昵 Chien-Ni Hung
9. 謝宇恩 YU-EN HSIEH
10. 陳筑昱
11. 徐瑛懌 YING-I HSU
12. 高翎婷Ling-Ting, Kao
13. 張琹Chin Chang (Ava)
14. 莊曜任Yao-Jen Chuang
15. 劉美惠Mei-Hui Liu
16. Jill HC Tsai
17. 彭季珩&林沁潁
18.陳恩莉An-Li Chen
19. 吳中平Michael Wu
21. Yosifu (Jamie Chiu)
22. 高嘉良 Craig Kao

以上藝術家與設計師入選本次展覽,將參予 Ban-Doh.辦桌 @ FORMOSA 在 Candid Arts 的展覽。
感謝各位的耐心等待,這漫長的選件與策展過程,我們看到太多太好的作品,由於場地與展覽呈現的主題限制,FORMOSA team 只好忍痛割愛。
未入選的藝術家與設計師,除了期待六月的展覽,也請繼續努力創作,參予接下來更多 project.

Curators list

Ellie Greig, jotta Curator
Head of jotta Contemporary and co-founder of Curatorial Collective Five Storey Projects, her curatorial experience includes curating group exhibitions at The David Roberts Art Foundation, The James Taylor Gallery and Virgin Atlantic amoung others. The ICA included her in their recent Nought to Sixty publication. She is also a practicing artist living and working in London.

Jane Trustram, jotta Head of Graphic Design
A finalist in UK Young Communications Entrepreneur 2009 by the British Council, co-founder of emerge, the original graphic design graduate showcase of the London Design Festival, and jotta Head of Graphic Design, Jane Trustram, also has an MA at London College of Communication. Jane's background in branding and typography has left her with an acute eye for detail.

Rayne Perry, President of University of the Arts London Curation Society
Rayne Perry grew up travelling around the world, living in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. In her education, she is major on criticism, communication and curation. The British background and Greater Middle East living experience has left her a unique aesthetics and spirit of art. She has been accustomed to new and far cultures, and specialising in both classy antique and contemporary arts.