Q: What is the Formosa original mean?
A: When Portuguese first came to Taiwan, they called it Formosa meaning beautiful island.

Q: Who is Formosa?
A: Formosa is a group of people from different back ground, in collaboration with other leading organizations.

Q: When is exhibit day?
A: Dates are choosing between April and June. Another exhibition will be in September.

Q: When will FORMOSA announce the selected result ?
A: The curation team is arranging the venue, once the venue has been confirmed, the curation team will choose suitable works for their curation. All the process is going to be synced with you by following our publish on line, this website and facebook.

Q: Why have this event?
A: Formosa wants to use this exhibition to provide a platform for Taiwanese designers to express and show their extraordinary artworks. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for people come from the rest of the world get to know the style and spirit of Taiwanese design.

Q: Where is the venue?
A: Center London or West end London

Q: How do I submit the work?
A: Download 2010 Formosa Application and Complete application and Send you work to exhibition@ual.taiwanese.co.uk 

Q: Do I need to pay?
A: no, its join by free, but we opening donation for everyone

Q:What will Formosa bring in the future?
A: Formosa will hold many different types of events to convey the particular culture and make people who are in London experience the energy and diverse characters of Taiwan.

Q:What is London Design Festival?
A:The Festival provides a platform for the creative talent at work and creates a unique opportunity to visit over 200 specific events and activities reflecting the diversity of world-class design talent in the capital.

The London Design Festival is the UK’s biggest annual celebration of design and reflects London’s status as the world creative hub.