Sorry not replying or updating you any sooner, these days FORMOSA has been extremely busy on selecting, curating, organising, and promoting. And here are some update about what the exhibition progress.

1. Programming
辦桌 Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA
Exhibition Open: 9th-13th Jun 12 - 9 pm
Sunday Open : 13th Jun 12 - 6 pm
Private View : 9th Jun 6 - 9 pm
Talk Program : 10th -12th Jun 6:30 - 8 pm
Candid Arts Gallery, CANDID ARTS TRUST
3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ

***** please kindly inform us, if you can't participate our exhibition by any reason even you've been select, this will be very important for us *****

2. Selection process
Now our external curators from jotta is still judging / selecting all of your submissions, and they estimate will finish the selection and announce
the result on Wednesday the 19th, latest on Friday the 21st this week.
After they release their result, we will inform individual of you, and to deliver the selection news, we will also update on our website, and facebook in sync. We are sorry for any inconvenience about the slow and long process.

3. Curation meeting at Candid Arts
Once we got the result from external curators, we would like to invite all our selected artists/designer to view the venue, and discuss about how to present your work at that unique space to meet your specific way of presenting works. Therefore, I'd like to sincerely invite those selected artists/designers coming to the Candid Arts Gallery, to view space and to discuss about practical part on curation at
12pm this Saturday the 22th May.
The notice is quite short and sudden, but we sincerely like to meet these selected young talents all together. So, before we announce the result, please leave this afternoon to us. However, if you're not in London, or any other reason makes you couldn't able to come gallery, then we might need a skype meeting after our discuss at Candid Arts Gallery this Saturday if that's applicable.

4. Exhibition Setting and un-install
Exhibition Setting
7th, Jun, 10 am - 9 pm
8th, Jun, 10 am - 5 pm
Exhibition Un-install/remove
13th, Jun, start removing after 3 pm, til 9 pm. remove everything before 9.

5. exhibition promotion
FORMOSA marketing team will send you e-invitation, facebook events invitation, ...etc. for you to invite your networks. This is be release soon.

6. Insurance, Terms and condition, you agree by participating FORMOSA project.
Detail of Terms and condition has been sent to your application mail address, if you didn't receive yet, please let us know.