A celebrative feast of Taiwanese arts and design is coming to the Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London from 9th - 13th June 2010. The “Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA” exhibition brings you the enriching Taiwanese culture, sumptuous food and the passion for dynamic arts and design, all under one roof with free admission. 

The exhibition is brought to you by the FORMOSA team, founded by the University of the Arts London Taiwanese Society (UALTWS) and its alumni. The “Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA” exhibition has invited prominent professionals in the field of arts and design to examine and appraise more than 200 art works. They are Ellie Greig and Jane Trustram, curator and the head of graphic design of jotta and Rayne Perry, the president of the UAL Curation Society. And, together with fashion designers from the FORMOSA team and a Taiwanese curator based in London, they have selected 40 final products, created by 21 artists, whose creation have produced comparable culture flavour but each unique in its own right. 

With no pre-set topic, the exhibition provides great flexibility in allowing the creativity to flourish. The art work selected consist a variety of visual arts, illustration, photography, space arts, industrial and fashion design. 
“Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA” exhibition showcases the following artists amongst many others: Chao Min-Tzu, an illustrator, graduated from University of Brighton in 2009, presents her "Double Happiness". It uses modern symbolism to interpret the times Taiwanese women in four generations were born, lived and married. It seeks to understand the life experiences of Taiwanese women in a traditional, patriarchal Han society, and to unveil these women’s courageous spirit. 

Johan Ku, a fashion designer, who overcame an internationally acclaimed field to grab the top honours at the avant-garde design category of Gen Art's Styles International Design Competition in 2009 is presenting his winning product, “Emotional Sculpture”, the crossover creation of sculpture-like woolen art in a static manner. 

Also on display is the “Season of love”, created by Mei-Hui Liu, who is the creator of the ‘Victim’ designer brand. Mei-Hui Liu has lived in the UK for many years, combines her talent in clothing design with the application of exquisite images. Using recycled antique fabrics from the period of 1900 to 1960, she has created one of a kind, eco friendly and bloomy fashion tree. 

In addition, Yosifu, an aboriginal Amis tribe artist, who currently lives in Edinburgh, is known for his bright vibrant style technique in exploring Taiwan’s history and culture. His most recent work “Can't Speak” tells a promulgated campaign by the Taiwanese government to promote the use of Mandarin and the impact that it had on the native aboriginal speakers. 

Ling-Ting Kao, participant of the London Festival Fringe show and the author of the “Pink Mind” series and “Pink Legend”, found her inspiration from the 1960 and 1970s movies such as the “Saturday Night Fever” and “1968 A Space Odyssey”. She describes music as an essential stimulant for her creative vigour and that painting holds the key to her secret garden - her way of going down the rabbit hole, just like Alice in the Wonderland. Through her painting, the viewer will be infected by her natural inner and exquisite sensitivity. 

The“Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA” exhibition is proud of have these 21 artists and designers as the contributors to this breathtaking feast. The exhibition opens at 12pm on 9th June 2010 at the Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London – just by the Angel tube station. The FORMOSA team would also like to invite you to the open reception taking place at 6pm - 9pm on 9th June 2010 to celebrate a taste of the enriching Taiwanese arts and design.