FORMOSA @ London Design Festival

FORMOSA project is now partner with London Design Festival 2010 and promoted by their massive media and marketing resources. FORMOSA project that organised by FORMOSA team and University of the Arts London Taiwanese Society is now on the partner list of London Design Festival 2010 which will hold on 18 to 26 this September in London. There will be 918 separate pieces ads in the UK press alone, valued at over £2.7m. FORMOSA project team is now choosing Taiwanese young emerging creative talents to send to the UK’s world-class creative community through the festival gateway. In the last couple years, 100% Design London, Tent London, Designersblock, and Shoreditch Triangle district from 2009 have created a successful platform for both cultural and commercial accesses to the local and global audience. LDF estimated more than 300,000 visits to their listed events, and 70,000 unique visitors browsing LDF website during the nine days. The amount includes 40% of consumers/public, 35% design professionals, 13% design students and 12% overseas visitors. During 18th to 26th September 2010, in these 9 days the London Design Festival 2010 will present more than 200 events & exhibitions contributing by 160 more organisations, FORMOSA project is one of them with series events, talks, and exhibitions.

福爾摩沙企劃已經正式加入了 2010 倫敦設計節並即將在今年九月於倫敦登場,
這將會享有倫敦設計節廣大的媒體與行銷資源,參與設計節將會帶來超過 918
個不同的英國媒體版面、總價值超越 270 萬英鎊,而在九天的展覽期間,設計節
的網站有超過 7 萬個個別使用者瀏覽。

去年九月的倫敦設計節估計,在設計節的所有活動與展覽共有超過 30 萬人次的
參觀,包含了 40%的一般民眾、35%的設計工作者、13%的設計學生、12%的來自
其他國家的觀眾,展覽效用之大可以想見。這幾年來,包括了。100% Design London
Tent London、Designersblock,以及 09 年開始的 Shoreditch Triangle,